The meeting will take place in the Institute of Physical-Chemistry "Rocasolano". It is located inside the campus where the central administration of CSIC is located (Serrano street 117), approximately between the Plaza de la República Argentina and Maria de Molina street. Some GPS give an incorrect location, the correct coordinates are: 40 26' 31'' N and 3 41' 15'' W.

How to get there.

.- By EMT buses: lines 16,19 and 51 (emtmadrid)

.- By METRO: Repulica Argentina station, Nuevos Ministerios station and Gregorio Maranon station (metromadrid)

.- From the Adolfo-Suárez airport: All terminals are conveniently connected to the Metro Subway Line 8 (PINK LINE) , which ends up in "Nuevos Ministerios", 10 min. walk from the CSIC Central Campus (see the map below)